Science talk(ie)s at TUL

The beginning of January witnessed the launch of the 2nd season of the popular science series about research conducted at TUL.

Science talk(ie)s

Every Wednesday, on the University's website, an article or a movie is posted which features scientists, science clubs, and students. They take a break from the daily grind in the laboratory to let you have a sneak peek into the extraordinary, fascinating world of science. In a straightforward, accessible way, they explain the methods they use, their aims and the results of their months' long work.

Follow the series to look inside modern laboratories where science happens. People featured in each episode discuss the outcomes of their investigations and explain how their work improves the quality of our lives in many different areas, e.g. medicine, environmental protection, industry, new technologies.

A regular feature of the series is the question that the interviewees are asked to answer - 'It's worth being a scientists because .... The reasons given for pursuing a career in science have unfailingly been inspiring and have revealed a galore of individual motivations.


The series of articles and movies was awarded 2nd place in the category of content marketing in the national Genius Universitatis competition organized by the Perspektywy Education Foundation.

Season 1 included 37 episodes that showcased the scientific capacity of Lodz University of Technology. You can access all the episodes here.