Due to the awareness of threats posed by the development of civilisation, the use of bee products in health care and human nutrition supplementation is becoming increasingly popular, as they are associated with ecology and the natural environment they come from. Harvested and produced by bees, they act as stimulants for the proper functioning of the organism and are a valuable supplement to the human diet.

Ze względu na niepowtarzalny skład oliwy z oliwek, nazywanie jej eliksirem młodości, nie jest tylko marketingowym sloganem, ale jest naukowo potwierdzane. Systematyczne spożycie oliwy z oliwek wpływa na poprawę pamięci, koncentracji u ludzi, także w wieku dojrzałym i u seniorów. Ponadto zawarte związki fenolowe, tokoferole działają przeciwstarzeniowo. Tokoferol zapobiegania uszkodzeniom oksydacyjnym skóry wywołanym przez promieniowanie UV.
Polish Science Day is a good opportunity to talk to Prof. Lukasz Albrecht - a chemist and Vice-Rector for Science. From the perspective of a researcher and representative of the authorities of Lodz University of Technology he says: we should remember that the term "Polish science" is a kind of abbreviation. There is, of course, science conducted in Poland and by Polish researchers, but we are part of global science. This gives incredible opportunities, but it is also a huge challenge, because our discoveries, solutions and achievements are verified globally.
Can you see the contents of the suitcase without opening it? The immediate answer is yes - it needs X-rays. However, as ionizing radiation, they have a detrimental effect on living organisms, which limits their use. There is, however, another way to look inside the suitcase. You have to use a special kind of "light".

Normal", that is visible light, is a type of electromagnetic wave. The distinguishing feature of each wave is its length or frequency.

By introducing new products, which contain numerous chemical compounds, manufacturers are increasingly contributing to environmental pollution. If we continue to do so, there may be a drastic imbalance in the gender balance and, as a consequence, even the scenario of Sexmission by Juliusz Machulski may be fulfilled.

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