dr hab. Edyta Pietrzak, prof. PŁ

Associate Professor at the Institute of Social Sciences and Management of Technologies. Political scientist and anthropologist.  She is the author of numerous scientific publications, editor-in-chief of Civitas Hominibus yearbook, expert in EU social projects, co-author of Open Scientific Seminars Human Being-Business-Technologies. She is interested in social and political contexts of management. She likes classical music and simple pleasures.

The Anthropocene is an epoch in which we observe active human intervention in the processes that drive the geological evolution of the planet. It is humans who are modifying the parameters of the planetary system by changing the climate, degrading soil, acidifying oceans, disrupting biochemical cycles, and contributing to the loss of biodiversity.
We are surrounded by the algorithms used in web browsers, shops, and advertisements that are sent to our social networks portals. We use them not only for our shopping choices, but also in making political decisions. Along with their creation and development, the hope to create a scientific, objective and free from prejudices world was revived.