prof. Filip Chybalski

Heads the Department of Forecasting and Quantitative Analysis at the Institute of Management, where he serves as Deputy Director for Science.

He has been affiliated with Lodz University of Technology since 2005. He completed his Master's studies at the Wroclaw University of Economics (2002). Two years later, at the Wroclaw University of Economics he was awarded, with honours, the degree of Doctor of Economics.

Prof. Chybalski's academic interests focus on pension economics, economic forecasting and the use of quantitative methods in social research.

He is the author of about 100 scientific publications, released nationally and internationally. For his professorial book entitled Wiek emerytalny z perspektywy ekonomicznej. Studium teoretyczno-empiryczne in 2019, he received the award of the Committee of Labour and Social Policy Sciences of the Polish Academy of Sciences in the competition for the best publications in the field of labour, social policy and human resources management.

Prof. F. Chybalski was nominated for the Beta 2019 award for his contribution in the field of financial management. He is the organiser of the periodic international PenCon Pensions Conference and a member of the European Network for Research on Supplementary Pensions. He is the head of an international research group Study Group on Pensions and Intergenerational Relationships (PIR).