Dr Eng. Ilona Gałązka-Czarnecka

Ilona Gałązka-Czarnecka is scientifically passionate about the nutritional enhancement and biological activity of sprouts. She is interested in next-generation food design, transformation and improving the stability of nutrients and health-promoting ingredients in food. Her interests also include: innovative packaging, selection of optimal conditions for fixation, storage and forecasting of durability, the relationship of diet with health and impact on longevity.

Our expert appreciates working with students, gives, them knowledge with enthusiasm and shares her own experience. She has an optimistic approach to life, science and people. From an early age, she conducted experiments in the kitchen, on the roof and in the garden. At the beginning of her student career, she was the president of the Kollaps, Student Research Group, and now she is its supervisor.

At the Faculty of Biotechnology and Food Sciences, she is the Dean's Proxy for Promotion. For 8 years, she has been passionately sharing her knowledge also with the youngest students of Lodz University of Technology, conducting workshops and lectures at Lodz Children's University.

Happy mother of two children. She is interested in art, especially contemporary painting. She likes music, swimming, dancing and mountain hiking. She loves to experiment in the kitchen, preparing health-promoting dishes for family and friends. For years, she has been a promoter of a healthy lifestyle. Dr Eng. Gałązka-Czarnecka in the series "Science talk(ie)s" talked about culinary Christmas traditions.

We often wonder what makes people healthy, what makes them age slower, what makes their skin so radiant? We suppose that factors like genes, climate, diet, or places where we live are responsible. Certainly all of these matter, but according to many studies, diet and its specific ingredients are key.