new technologies

The development of virtual reality is gaining momentum every year. Although eighty years have passed since the creation of the first project which set the course for further activities in the field of immersive solutions, the topic of VR is still shrouded in mystery for many people. Before we start an adventure with virtual reality, it is advisable to know its definition, which was developed by the creator of the term virtual reality (VR).
Surely, there have been many a time when you had to deal with a situation where you had no access to electricity and your mobile phone had gone dead. Naturally, the market offers power banks galore to save you from such emergencies, yet we often fail to remember to carry them with us. Besides, they are heavy, unwieldy, and also harmful to the environment.
Apart from technological progress in building materials, construction, and energy-efficient systems, new developments in architecture also mean sweeping advance in design practice. Virtual Reality technology (VR) is making an entrance into construction industry and it would really be difficult now to imagine a future of architectural design tools without thinking of Virtual Reality.